We have Plants
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We have Plants in the front now and the fence is going in.

outside_front_plants.JPG (173834 bytes) outside_back_fence.JPG (164307 bytes) 

Dinning room with doors and light fixture, Fireplace, Kitchen Cabinets and sink, and Kitchen nook with friends.

doors_dinningroom.JPG (191744 bytes) fireplace.JPG (178266 bytes) Kitchen_sink.JPG (186329 bytes) neci_jesse_moni_christie_kitchen_nook.JPG (155450 bytes)


Here is the upstairs landing and Stairway as well as the master bathroom tub and shower.

stairway.jpg (201580 bytes) landing_cabnets.JPG (202721 bytes) shower.jpg (177445 bytes) tub_vanity_tile.jpg (188652 bytes)